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Capture.TheFL.AG Wiki

Note that there's not much here initially, but the goal is to provide a community resource for information on Capture The Flag events. The rest of this domain is meant to be a mirror of capture the flag event files, but this section is an experiment into a broader community-supported area. Please expand the dust while we're expanding.

On that front, everything in the wiki is licensed under a creative commons license. Please give attribution, but otherwise you may use the content how you wish. Be aware that any content you post to this site will be made available under the same license. If you don't agree to it, simply do not add any content.

Main Non-Wiki Highlights

Account Creation

Because I only have so many hours in the day, I don't have time to babysite this site and prevent bots from spamming it. I will be happy, however, to create accounts for anyone with an interest in helping add or maintain content here. Please see the about page for contact info.

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