DEF CON 22 Finals

Binaries for DEF CON 22 finals challenges. Filesystem snapshots/pcaps/other data expected from LBS soon. In the meantime, if you have an odroid, you can try my image (MD5 (dc22ctf.img.xz) = cb1f9490fb2b8e76819dfdca5c3a3b3a). Everything works except for eliza-v1. Currently requires a 16gb SD card. If you need me to resize it smaller, contact me. It might work in qemu, but I haven't tried yet.

Otherwise, just boot the image up, it will dhcp on your network and you can access it via http://dc22ctf.local/ or ssh [email protected] with the password dc22ctf.

Thanks to ebeip90 for the suggestion to be able to mount it to extract raw files:

mount -o ro,loop,offset=$((208896*512)) dc22ctf.img mount-dir

For people trying to get imap working, that's the only service that actually requires the /dev/ctf device that was a part of the organizer's anti-cheat mechanism. It can be reasonably approximated for offline testing with:

sudo ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/ctf

Otherwise, simply make some xinetd configs and new users like:

service elizav1
        disable         = yes
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        user            = eliza
        wait            = no
        server          = /home/eliza/qemu-i386-aslr
        server-args = /home/eliza/eliza-v1-x86

service elizav2
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        user            = eliza
        wait            = no
        server          = /home/eliza/eliza-v2-arm
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[   ]badger-v1.mem2014-08-24 21:57 48K 
[   ]badger-v2.mem2014-08-24 21:57 48K 
[   ]dc22ctf.img.xz2014-08-25 10:19 264M 
[   ]eliza-v1-x862014-08-24 21:55 120K 
[   ]eliza-v2-arm2014-08-24 21:55 113K 
[   ]imap_v12014-08-24 21:55 30K 
[   ]imap_v22014-08-24 21:55 30K 
[   ]justify2014-08-24 21:56 14K 
[   ]wdub-v12014-08-24 21:56 422K 
[   ]wdub-v22014-08-24 21:56 42K 
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