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[   ]3D Modeling and Visualization of Real Time Security Events by Dan Klinedinst.pdf2011-12-22 14:58 576K 
[   ]Automated Detection of HPP Vulnerabilities in Web Applications by Marco Balduzzi.pdf2011-12-22 14:57 4.6M 
[   ]Compliance - An Assault on Reason by Chris Nickerson.pdf2011-12-22 15:10 35M 
[   ]Cyber [Crime War] - connecting the dots by Ian Amit.pdf2011-12-22 14:55 2.8M 
[   ]Enterprise Wi-Fi Worms, Backdoors and Botnets for Fun and Profit by Vivek Ramachandran.pptx2011-12-22 14:59 6.3M 
[   ]In the land of the blind, the squinter rules by Wim Remes.pdf2011-12-22 14:59 6.4M 
[   ]Making Sense of (in)Security by David Kennedy.pdf2011-12-22 14:58 13M 
[   ]SAP insecurity - Scrubbing SAP clean with SOAP by Chris John Riley.pdf2011-12-22 15:12 47M 
[   ]Security When Nano-seconds Count by James Arlen.pdf2011-12-22 14:56 2.6M 
[   ]Transparent Botnet Control for Smartphones Over SMS by Georgia Weidman.pdf2011-12-22 15:00 849K 
[   ]When Prevention Fails, The Tough Get Responding by Michael J. Graven.pdf2011-12-22 14:57 5.1M 
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